Mechanical Packages and Steel Fabrication
MLE fabrication and machining wortkshop have a total manucafcturing are of 2000 s.q.m

MLE fabrication facilities provide Mechanical Packages, Piping Spool and Steel fabrications.

MLE design and fabricates skid-mounted package equipments :
Chemical injection Packages
Manifold Systems
Produced Water and Sewage Treatment System
Emergency Generatot Packages
Simple Storage Tank Units
MLE design and fabricates, form and weld variety of steel strcuture required by clients. Our machine fabrication shop has the equipment and experience to perform new strcutures or just repairs of old.  

We readily work with mild steel, stainless steel  alumunium and cast iron.

MLE design and fabricaties platform for a tank, vessel of other  equipment, paltform ladder,  pipe rack, strcutural base skid mounted, building/ plant steel structure, air ducting  and dust collectionand all structural  form.

Our design team can layout., size and customise  to provide a complete comperhensive solution for your facility.